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Versailles Memorandum readers' feedback

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The author does a fine job of explaining the society and history within the novel. He has erred on the side of caution, as it is not as far removed from reality as 1984, and seems to be more of a cautionary tale than a metaphor for a particular ideology... I really enjoyed the book and consumed it very quickly- I was hooked! But nonetheless it is above all political and may not be suited for a quick easy read
('A Guy of Letters', reader comment on Amazon)

I'm greatly enjoying the conclusion of the book, and thought there were some fine sequences. You're an able writer, and you present a provocative scenario (Ben Hourigan, Melbourne, Australia)

Every word you write is true, but nothing will happen until it is too late, because the elites control the direction of society. Regular folk instinctively understand the danger of Islam (Sophia Abade, New York City)

I have recently read your book THE VERSAILLES MEMORANDUM. Very thought provoking and 'worrying'. My point is that I could not obtain a copy from county library i.e. 'We don't do self published books' so I ordered from my local bookshop. I thought ALL books were 'self' published! I smell discrimination !!!
(Peter Crombie, Lancashire, England)

This is a great read. Provocative, imaginative and pacey. Refreshingly, Saunders resists the urge to steer his reader. Thoroughly enjoyable (Kate Earl, Melbourne, Australia)

Must tell you that I really loved your novel. It was funny and thought provoking, and I liked the main character - particularly that he was an anti-hero and a bit pathetic. It was a great read and I hope it does well (Phil Rennie, Wellington, New Zealand)

Saunders, if I can put this succinctly, is a nut job...To put it kindly, the book is a mélange of right wing paranoia, and Islamophobia (Gordon Campbell, New Zealand)

This book is as important as Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged... Unlike Rand, however, Saunders can write! His style is descriptive and imaginative; while the dialogue is reminisent of the laconic Ellwood. The book has a tight, powerful plot which draws the reader into the compelling tale of how relativism and appeasement have led mid-21st century Europe to the state of servitude.
(Alan Buckingham, reader comment on Amazon)

Although futuristic novels are not my normal choice, I found this book easy to read and thought provoking. I would be very keen to recommend and look forward to his next novel.
(Geoffrey Ruck, reader comment on Amazon)

Chillingly possible rather than fictional, this believable story will send the imagination meter needle of Londoners into the red. (Malcom Mills, London, England)

A really good plot. Although I thought the characters were a bit underdeveloped, I really enjoyed it. (David Harrison, Fiji)

I just finished the book... To be perfectly honest I wasn't expecting much. But it was a great read. Stayed up last night repeatedly telling myself I'd read "just a bit more". Congrats (John Humphreys, Sydney. Australia)

The scenario is plausible, the characters believable, and the writing enjoyable. Highly recommended reading. (Jennifer Buckingham, Newcastle, Australia)

A good read... The predictions about how the world will be in the future seem scarily possible. (Jenny Lindsay, Sydney, Australia)

A well-plotted and taut political thriller with an ingenious twist at the end. Its dystopian vision of the future is plausible and occasionally frightening. The action rarely lets up. A thoroughly enjoyable read. (Alan Cawson, Brighton, England)

The Versailles Memorandum is gripping. The suspense is spot on. I wasn't ready for the end when it came. Great stuff. (Richard Wiggins, Suffolk, England)

I have now completed reading the book which I thought was brilliant and enjoyed immensely. (Jenni Stace, East Sussex, England)

I am really enjoying your book ! It is such a good read that it is hard to put it down! (Jackie Watson, East Sussex, England)

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