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The Sweetest Girl

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Jason Wall was fleetingly famous in the sixties as lead singer with Jason and the Argonauts. Their hit single, The Sweetest Girl, got to number six in the charts in 1966.

Almost fifty years later, England is in the grip of a paedophile panic, politicians are in disgrace following an expenses scandal, and traditionalists and progressives are at each other's throats over gay marriage, political correctness and the Iraq War. Jason Wall is now a successful businessman and peer of the realm, but returning from a winter holiday in the sun, he is arrested on historic sex abuse charges.

Just before his trial is due to begin, Jasonís estranged wife Dawn finds him drowned in his bath. The coroner rules it an accident, but Dawn thinks someone was at the house at the time he died. She enlists Jasonís reluctant daughter Amy to help her investigate further.

A slow-burn crime thriller - and a forensic dissection of Britain's Culture Wars (paperback only). "Very, very good novel indeed" (Rod Liddle).

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