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Watch selection of TV clips:

A fair welfare system should treat deserving and undeserving cases differently
ABC-TV 'The Drum'' 22 August 2012

The MacPherson Report's claims of institutional racism were flawed and pernicious
BBC-1 News, 3 January 2012

Success reflects hard work and talent more than class background
News 24 interview with Huw Edwards, 5 April 2011

The government's gloomy message on social mobility undermines people's motivation
Sky News interview with Kay Burley, 5 April 2011

If you're bright and work hard you'll succeed
BBC-2 documentary, 'Who Gets the Best Jobs?', 2 February 2011
read my comments

Welfare reform requires sticks as well as carrots
'Jeff Randall Live',
Sky News, 14 September 2010

Australia needs to lower taxes and control welfare spending
Insight, 4 May 2004 (excerpts)

Many people claiming disability payments could work
Channel 9
Today, 7 April 2004

After 6 months of job search, unemployment benefits should be linked to work activity
Channel 7
Breakfast 11 September 2003

If the rich get richer, it doesn't necessarily mean poverty increases
7.30 Report, 16 January 2002

Meanwhile, quarter of a century ago...

The growing house price gap between north and south
Good Morning 1986 (my first TV interview)

Listen to radio selection:

Replace National Insurance with personal welfare accounts
LBC News, 25 November 2013 - listen

Politicians are undermining social mobility
Voice of Russia, 14 November 2013 - listen
Radio 5 Live, 14 November 2013 - listen

Children in jobless households
BBC Radio Gloucestershire, 22 August 2013

Meritocracy and fairness
BBC Radio 4, 'The Moral Maze', 24 July 2013

Ethnicity and educational attainment
LBC Radio 23 July 2013

Discrimination in welfare
Radio 2GB (Sydney) 16 January 2013

Debate on social mobility
Voice of Russia, 3 July 2012

Social mobility delusions
LBC Radio, 21 June 2012 - Listen and
BBC Radio 4 'Today', 21 June 2012 - Listen

UK Equality laws are costly and counter-productive
LBC Radio (London), 23 December 2011

What's wrong with The Spirit Level?

ABC Radio National Counterpoint interview, 21 September 2011

Class and social mobility in contemporary Britain
BBC Radio 4
The Class Ceiling, 1 & 8 September 2011
Listen to extracts

Hate crime laws are a bad idea
BBC Radio 4
Black Roses Debate, 24 August 2011
Listen to extracts

The UK riots and our failure to socialise the young
New Talk Radio 4BC (Australia),
Mornings with Greg Carey, 18 August 2011

Hard work and motivation are important, but talent matters more
BBC Radio 4
Today, 11 May 2011

Middle class children do better because bright successful parents tend to produce bright successful children
BBC Radio Five Live,
Breakfast, 5 April 2011

Do we really need the government to boost social mobility?
LBC Radio, 31 March 2011

Is civility declining, and does it matter?
ABC National,
Australia Talks, 16 March 2011 (extracts)

Debate on TUC report on social mobility
BBC Radio 4,
Today, 17 August 2010

I used to be a sociologist but I'm alright now
Counterpoint special, 10 June 2008

More education and training is not the answer
Life Matters, 6 December 2007

Songs that shook the world (The Who, the Kinks and more!)
ABC National
Christmas special 2006

The danger of high house prices
Breakfast, 17 March 2005

Debating welfare reform with Lawrence Mead and Eva Cox
Life Matters, 2 August 2004

Debating class with David Starkey, Janet Street-Porter and others
BBC Radio 4,
The Moral Maze, 2001
Listen (my segment 12.05 to 21.30)

TV appearances summary

UK: TV-AM Good Morning; TVS Green and Pleasant Land; BBC-1 Money Programme; BBC-2 Late Night Show; Meridian South Today; TVS News; Sky Jeff Randall Live'; BBC-2 Who stole the best jobs? (documentary on social mobility); Sky News; BBC News 24

Australia/NZ: Channel 9 Today; Sky News; ABC News; ABC Seven-thirty Report; ABC 'The Drum'; Channel 9 A Current Affair; Sky Australian Agenda; ABC Sunday Spectrum; ABC Lateline; Channel 7 Sunrise; Channel 10 News; Sky News New Zealand; SBS Insight; SBS News; Channel 9 Business Report; Channel 9 Mornings with Kerri-Anne; Channel 9 News; Channel 7 Today Tonight

Radio summary:

UK/Ireland: BBC Radio 4 appearances include Analysis; Womens Hour; Start the Week; Special assignment; The World Tonight; The Moral Maze; You and Yours; and Today. Other programmes include BBC World Service news, BBC Radio Four's The Class Ceiling, BBC Radio Five Live Breakfast, and Ireland's Newstalk, as well as various local and commercial radio appearances.

Australia: Regular appearances on ABC National include Australia Talks, Perspective, Life Matters, Late Night Live, Drive Time, Counterpoint, Breakfast, Background Briefing, World Today. Regular panellist on ABC702 Political Forum.

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