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Radio 4 1&8.09.11

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BBC Radio 4, The Class Ceiling
1st and 8th September, 2011

A two part programme, hosted by The Guardian's Polly Toynbee, looking at class and social mobility in contemporary Britain. In my pre-recorded interview at the BBC, lasting for an hour, I spent most of the time explaining that ability far outweighs class in influencing people's educational and occupational destinations, and that the claim that mobility has seized up is almost certainly wrong. Little of this was eventually used, however. Instead, the programme used mainly anecdotal snippets from my interview, and the assumption that mobility has declined was never once even questioned in either of the two programmes.
The recording is of the extracts from my interview that were eventually broadcast.


BBC R4 Class Ceiling Sep 1 & 8 2011 by P Saunders

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