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CIS presentation on The Spirit Level, 6 June 2011

Debunking the Equality Myth: A critique of the Spirit Level (video)

Presentation via video link to the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney, 6 June 2011. The presentation was based on the new edition of my booklet, Beware False Prophets, which is being published shortly by the CIS. It identifies five fundamental flaws in Wilkinson and Pickett's analysis in The Spirit Level: their choice of countries; their selection of indicators; the disjuncture between their theory and measurement; their spurious correlations; and their failure to recognise the importance of cultural differences. The presentation ends by reflecting on Wilkinson and Pickett's reaction to criticism: their attempts to label their opponents as racist and 'far right'; their claim to represent a consensus which does not exist; and finally, their petulant refusal to engage in any further debate.

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