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The Sweetest Girl
ISBN 9-780244-025687, 2017, 242pp
Politician and former pop star is arrested on historic sex abuse charges, and just before his trial is due to begin, he is discovered drowned in his bath. The coroner says it was an accidental death, but his estranged wife is not convinced. A novel exploring the culture wars.
"A book I could not put down... Very, very good novel indeed... hugely enjoyed" (Rod Liddle)
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Croydon Boy:
Growing up in post-war Britain

ISBN 978-0-244-92399-0, 2017, 304pp (hardback)
Part sociology, part autobiography, part social history. An analysis of what life in Britain was really like in the 1950s and 1960s.

Restoring a Nation of Home Owners
ISBN 978-1-906837-80-8
Civitas, June 2016, 120pp
House prices have far outstripped earnings since 2000 leading to gross generational inequity. The Bank of England should be given a housing inflation target, and private tenants should have a new Right to Buy
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Beyond Beveridge
ISBN: 9781906837570
Civitas, November 2013, 163pp
The contributory principle at the heart of National Insurance has been corrided. NI should be scrapped and replaced by a system of personal welfare accounts.
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The Rise of the Equalities Industry
ISBN 978-1-906837-33-4
Civitas, 2011, 186pp
Equalities laws have mushroomed and now undermine true equality of treatment.
"A brilliant book" Professor Kenneth Minogue
"Makes startling reading...ought to be required reading for every employer" Minette Marrin, The Sunday Times
"So gripped was I that I was still studying it two days later" Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail

When Prophecy Fails
ISBN 978186432 1760
Centre for Independent Studies, 2011, 152 pp
A new edition of my critique of The Spirit Level, including an extended review of how Wilkinson and Pickett tried to respond to their critics.
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Social Mobility Myths
ISBN: 978-1906837143
Civitas, 2010, 171pp
It's not true that social mobility has been declining, nor that Britain is a 'closed shop society', as a government minister claimed. If you are bright and motivated, you will almost certainly succeed.
'Explodes the lies about our supposedly class-ridden society' (Sunday Express)
'A devastating book' (Prospect magazine)
'Fascinating' (Max Hastings, Financial Times)

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The Versailles Memorandum
ISBN: 978-1-4452-0690-5
2009 (Ebook published 2011), 245pp
Political thriller set in the year 2046. Aisha Sharizi is on the run from the religious police after having an affair with a kuffar boy. The body of a former cabinet minister is fished out of Sydney harbour. And failed historian Harry Davidson has just stumbled on a secret that the security services on both sides of the Atlantic are desperate to protect.
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The Government Giveth, and the Government Taketh Away
ISBN: 978 1 86432 165 4
Centre for Independent Studies 2007, 165pp
How government 'churns' money by taking it from us in tax, only to give it back as welfare and family payments

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Taxploitation: The case for income tax reform
ISBN: 1-86432-114-8
Centre for Independent Studies 2006, 225pp
Edited collection of essays on how to reform the Australian tax system

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The Survey Methods Workbook
Polity Press, 2004 (with Alan Buckingham), 309pp
ISBN: 0-7456-2244-5
- Indian edn published by Rawat Publications, 2014
Hands-on, step by step guide to doing a social survey.
'A core text' (Sociological Research Online)
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Australia's Welfare Habit - and how to kick it
Duffy & Snellgrove/Centre for Independent Studies, 2004, 258 pp
ISBN: 1-86432-092-3
"There has been no book of the kind that changes a generation of policy thinking. Peter Saunders' new book, Australia's Welfare Habit, may be just that book… welfare reform will be the most interesting question in serious policy for the next few years, and Saunders' book will be the best guide to it that we can have" (The West Australian)
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Poverty in Australia: Beyond the Rhetoric
Centre for Independent Studies, 2002 (with KayokoTsumori) 120pp
ISBN: 1-86432-072-9
How the welfare lobby exaggerates the scale of poverty in Australia
(out of print; download available)

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Reforming the Australian Welfare State
Edited collection of essays published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2000, 300pp
ISBN: 0 642 39474 1
Out of print

An Introduction to British Politics
Polity Press 1984 (with J.Dearlove); revised third edition, Polity Press 2000, 803pp. ISBN: 0-7456-2096-5
'One of the most original and challenging texts on British politics' (Prof Andrew Gamble)
'A masterly sweep...a real book about politics' (Parliamentary Affairs)
'Adopts a lively and clear style and significantly cuts a path through woolly thinking' (Times Educational Supplement)
'Excellent...a sophisticated and comprehensive analysis' (Local Government Studies)
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Unequal But Fair? A Study of Class Barriers in Britain
Civitas (London) 1996, 96pp
ISBN: 0-255 36366-4
Social mobility rates are much as we should expect, given the distribution of talent in the population.
Out of print (superceded by
Social Mobility Myths, Civitas, 2010).

Capitalism: A Social Audit
Open University Press 1995, 108pp ISBN: 0-335-19141-X
- translated & published in Romania in 1997 by Dustyle; in Chinese in 2006 by McGraw-Hill Education Asia
Has capitalism contributed to human wellbeing?
'Infuriating and compulsive' (Journal of Sociology)
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Privatization and Popular Capitalism
Open University Press 1994 (with Colin Harris), 200pp
ISBN: 0-335-15708-4
- translated & published in Portugal in 1995 by Instituto Piaget (Lisbon)
What impact did the Thatcher privatization programme have on workers, customers and voters?
'Detailed, original, always clearly argued' (Times Higher Education Supplement)
'A comprehensive and thought-provoking account' (Journal of Social Policy)
'Fascinating reading' (Journal of Law and Society)
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A Nation of Home Owners
Unwin Hyman 1990, 418pp
ISBN: 004-445488-0
The social, economic and political significance of the spread of home ownership in 20th century Britain.
'Original, stimulating, iconoclastic, occasionally irritating...spiced by a distinctive element of rebellious individualism' (Journal of Sociology)
'One of the most important books on housing in the last few years' (Sociology)
'Virtuoso and sometimes dazzling well-written... it is brash, brilliant and cannot be ignored' (Times Higher Education Supplement)
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Social Class and Stratification
Routledge 1990, 120pp
ISBN: 0-415-04125-2
Short introduction to thinking about class inequality

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Social Theory and the Urban Question
Hutchinson, 1981, 309pp
- revised edition (three new chapters) Hutchinson 1986, 394pp. ISBN: 0-09 164431 3
- American edition published 1981 by Holmes & Meier; translated & published in Germany in 1987 by Campus Stadium; in Italy in 1988 by Edizioni Lavoro; in South Korea in 1990; in China in 2015 by Jiangsu Phoenix
'An ambitious and challenging book... lucid and sophisticated' (International Journal of Urban & Regional Research)
'A fascinating and sophisticated review...I recommend it most highly' (Urban History Review)
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Urban Politics: A Sociological Interpretation
- Hutchinson 1979, 382pp
- Penguin edition 1980
ISBN: 0 09 136970 3
Still one of the only community power studies ever conducted in Britain. Who does run Croydon?
'Particularly stimulating (even exciting)...a must for all concerned to understand political power at the local level' (Parliamentary Affairs)
'An interesting and rather brave study' (New Society)
'Fascinating and extremely impressive piece of work...beautifully written' (Public Administration)

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Property Paternalism and Power
Hutchinson 1978 (with Colin Bell, Howard Newby and David Rose), 300pp
ISBN: 0 09 133670 8
A study of large-scale farmers and land owners in Eastern England.
Out of print

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