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The government is considering a 'Chance to Buy' scheme for tenants in the private sector.
But why not a
Right to Buy?

(Fiction, non-fiction and journalism)


(Professor Emeritus, University of Sussex, England)

Social policy researcher
(Distinguished Fellow of the Centre for Independent Studies, Australia; Professorial Research Fellow at Civitas, London)

Beware privileged hirelings and petty prophets:

'Who is to answer the question: What shall we do, and how shall we arrange our lives?.. Only a prophet or saviour can give the answers. If there is no such man, then you will certainly not compel him to appear on this earth by having thousands of professors, as privileged hirelings of the state, attempt as petty prophets to take over his role'
(Max Weber,
Science as a Vocation, 1919)

"Brash, brilliant and cannot be ignored"
Times Higher Education Supplement
The Sunday Times
"That rare beast - a sensible sociologist"
Daily Mail
"Absolutely second-to-none"
LBC Radio
"The most prominent liberal intellectual in Australia"
Sydney Morning Herald
"The antithesis of an Ivory Tower intellectual"
ABC Radio National
"Saunders uses spare and stylish English to mow down paddocks of sacred cows"
The Australian
"Ideas wrecker"
The Guardian

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